7null Icon pack



*** This icon pack works with launchers like Nova, Apex, ADW and Holo ***- this pack includes about 2000 semi transparent HD icons

– all of your remaining icons will be themed with the *icon mask feature*

– the transparent design looks good on many backgrounds
– wallpaper chooser with 6 HD wallpapers
– icon request tool

*Launcher support*

▪ Nova Launcher
▪ Action Launcher Pro
▪ Apex Launcher
▪ ADW Launcher
▪ ADW Launcher EX
▪ Holo Launcher

— Go launcher support only limited —
▪ Go Launcher ( you have to go to icon settings and disable “show icon base” )

Play Store Link

Note: The Icon Pack Isn’t free(Don’t remember the price off hand sorry)


Jedi Elite v2

at the time of this writing, I just flashed the rom. Check it out the guys who made it/helped make it are very respectable. heres a link for more information:

Click here


Edit: after some errors caused by myself, the rom is running buttery smooth. I highly recommend it!

Married life


My wife

I only dated my now wife for a year before I decided to asked her to marry me. Yeah I didn’t ask her the traditional way like most people have, I did it through text messages due to the fact I could never get enough courage to do it in person and that I’m shy. Almost 2 years later we had our ups and downs because nobody is perfect but throughout it all we stayed together. To top it all off she has a wonderful son who can be a handful at times but I’ll always love him and be there for him no matter what.

I love and care about Kim more than she will ever know. I appreciate everything she does for me.


Hey. I had to redo the site due to some errors the site had that I had no idea how to fix. So here it is for now